Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Hope bring people joy. Hope brings you joy. Hope can be hard but it's just the obstacles in the way. You need to push them to the side and keep going. What does hope mean ? It means to have the courage or u desire something. Hope is never something you just plan out day by day. Hope comes to people many different ways, but my way is to play basketball. Once on the court I feel as if I can do anything in life. As long if I put my mind to it and work. Because hard work pays off ! Hope can be restored by having a desire to do something. If you have the desire to do something you need hope to be able to really push thru it non-stop. Some of the people in life don't want you to be happy. Those are the distractions in life. People threaten hope by saying "You can't do it" "you won't make it in life". Prove them wrong to make them regret doubting you. Where dos hope come from ? It comes from what u have gong on for example: hope is not something you get randomly its feeling, inside. Might not feel it but, just believe its there if you know it or not.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

The things that make me happy is when I play basketball. Also, seeing my mom happy seeing her have a smile on her face. When she smiles bring a smile to my face all the time. It is important because if your not happy sometimes something is wrong. When your not happy sometimes you don't think straight. Its like when mad people don't think what they do next it's called acting on impulse with no thought to their actions. Just do without thinking about the consequences their facing. Happiness is just a key to success it needs to be in your daily life. The secret I think to get happiness is to just live life and never take it for granted. Meaning everyday your breathing get closer to your goals strive for what u want. Taking it for granted is when you always put yourself down saying "I cant do this" is never an option to say. Also, don't be so negative all the time about life. Because life is just happiness to be alive is amazing. People need to realize that life is a gift it can be taken from u at any moment without u even knowing about it. Without happiness life just is not as fun. As if so if u was happy. Being unhappy brings un joyful things makes u think differently. Makes you think bad about yourself and other. Not caring is another big part of that u need to be happy to earn what u want if not happy you won't be able to get passed life.

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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Personality I don't like reading its boring to me unless it's on an interesting book. Like basketball or something I like to do best. If it's not interesting i'll read it but I most likely won't get anything from it from reading the first time. But if I have to get it done by reading it best believe I will get it done. Reading is like another thing to my list i don't like doing. But, if I have no choice to do it I will get it done as soon as possible. But, reading is not fun unless you make it fun read things that interest yourself. Therefor you can get the best of what your reading and won't be bored of it. That's why teachers say find a good book for you to read of your interest so there is no looking at the book. If it's good and you like it it will be read for the fun of it not because it is forced upon you. Because reading is important for you to have if you want a job or if you want to make it in life you gotta know how to read. Reading is one of the most important things everyone needs to be successful in their live. It will get you lots of places in life
Ted talk doing something that is different for thirty days. Different meaning something that you don't do often or something new or something that's wanted in life for thirty days. It's going to be hard at first but if keeping with it you will get used to it. For, example working out you're muscles when working out everybody has those moments where you want to give in. If you keep that consistent muscles will soon get bigger and bigger. Trying new things is jut an opportunity to see what you are god at and what are the weaknesses that you figure you have. It's a way to know things that is beyond your ability and for the things that you have under you're wing. So, again try things that you know you can't do to make you work harder then you really have to strive harder to be successful in life.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

  What really got me into basketball was Lebron James. I watched him and I wanted to play just like him. I also have my own style but I got my style from him I try and mimic him as he's playing. I want to be the best I want to show people I can really ball people don't know that yet but once the season starts they will know. Lebron inspired me to stop worrying about what people think and do what’s best for me and work hard at what your good at. I will be the best and I will succeed. Basketball is my way out it’s a way for me to clear my mind and just do me and not worry about anything just putting the ball in the in the hoop. Also, I focus on locking my defender down simple as that nothing else is in my mind but that. I also try and do some moves that I picked up from the TV or on the internet. My problem is I need to be quicker with the ball also with the moves I do. My position is the PG or SG and I also pass the ball more call that a passer. Lebron is both he can do it all he can pass, shoot, drive, and he can score very well and he is very quick one of the quickest in the NBA for sure. I can do those things but I just need to get better at the things then i will be better than i am now. I need lots of training on the those things.

Friday, September 23, 2016

character introduction

Image result for dark agesThank you for coming on my world history tour with me. My name is emanjaih . i will share my experiences with you as i travel throughout world history . i will begin my journey during the dark ages and continue all all the way trough modern times

Monday, September 19, 2016

Ball Is Life

A symbol that represents me is a basketball. Basketball is a get away for me. Meaning I can play basketball and forget about everything and anything negative going on in my life. I could play all day everyday and never get tired of playing. Once I play I always find things I need to work on to get better. I'm going to play for the team at Mount Miguel. I plan on starting to be a point guard or a shooting guard. I wanna ball until I die everyday I play I will get better an better at it never will get worse. I go by a rule when I'm playing if u come to ball u better ball hard. if u don't ball hard you are wasting time even putting your shoes on. If people are on my team i go by a rule if u pass the ball to me best believe I will give u the best dime their is. Because in basketball passing the ball is key. Ball movement will find the open man for the easy score. That's why coaches always say ball movement because the ball will always find the open man. Defense is the best way to win a game. Defense wins games offense wins tickets. If u play defense and barley let your opponent score and your team scores it would be easy to win a game. This is in every sport if u play defense it would be hard to loose a game.Defense is  a big key of sports play defense things will most likely go the way u want it.